MJN Attorneys is a Law Firm registered with Legal Practice Council of South Africa in accordence with Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014. The Firm is situated at 514 Burlington Heghts, Shallcross, in Durban KwaZulu-Natal, having a branch office at SASSA Building, N2 Road, Qumbu Eastern Cape. MJN Attorneys is commited in providing an efficient and effective service to its clients by delivering exceptional services of superior value with the desired results. It is our policy not to turn away an indigent client with valid and justiciable legal dispute/claim.


Values and principles

Vision and Mission

Client Focus: we understand our clients' requirements, challenges and objectives. We ensure that we maximize the values af our services to our clients  including safeguarding the security and confidentiality of their information.


Success: we set ourselves a challenging goals and we do not shy away from accountability. We take advantage of failure as a lasson to become better, smatter, effective and more successful. We value the veiws of our clients and we encourage our client to voice their views using our suggestion box....

Our vision is to provide clients with skilled legal advice in timely and efficient manner. At MJN Attorneys we strive to handle each matter with great degree of accountability and responsiveness, we represent our clients as if we represent ourselves. Our vision is characterised by our values, morals, integrity and rules.We are dealing with complex and sophisticated matters nationally and we are accessible, efficient, responsive and technologically sophisticated. We use the latest and more advanced softwares to deliver excellent service to our clients and to handle their matters in more efficient matter. As part of our policy to assist indigent clients, those who finds it difficult to come to us, we make all necessary arrangements to go to them.


About us